The children have written work in reading and math. There are new words to know in their blue dot. Also, we read a new story-Dr.Seuss in our reader. Some children are having difficulty adding 3 addends. They must know their math facts to do this skill. They add 2 numbers first , then add the third. Please have them study their math facts.

Gym is tomorrow. There is written work in math and reading. There are new spelling words-short e sound in their blue dot. Please continue to practice math facts.

The children have written work in reading and math. There is a test for you to sign in their folder. The test was a reading comprehension test. The children read the story by themselves several times. I read the question. When the question asked them to tell what happened first or last, I guided the children back to the passage. Most of them did well, but the next comprehension test , they will do this skill by themselves. When you are reading books with them , stop and ask them what happened first in the stories, and let them show you where they found the answers. This is a skill they will use throughout the grades.

Please practice adding with three numbers with your child. The children have math facts written in the back of their red dot. Please have them read at least 20 minutes every day. Enjoy the weekend!

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