The children have a new story- The Storm. They have new words to study in their blue dot. There is written work in reading and math. Some children need to finish their rhyming words in their yellow dot.

The children have new spelling words in their blue dot notebooks-short i words. Please study and have them rhyme these words to build their spelling skills. There is written homework in reading and math. Tomorrow we have violin lessons and gym.

Tomorrow we have gym again. There will be a test for short a words and on the story What is a Pal? The children have written work in reading and math. If your child has not shown me their library card, please have them bring it in. There are violin forms in your child's folder, if you would like them to take violin lessons.

The children have written work in reading and math. Some of the children need to practice rhyming words for short a words. There is a worksheet that they did on their own in their folder.

Please sign the two tests in your child's folder. For the Reading comprehension test , I read the questions and answers to the children. Later on in the semester, I will read the question but not the responses. For the other test, the children read the sentences and selected the correct answer by filling out the circle with the right response. It is important that the children know their new words each week. Next week, they will have a Spelling and Math test, not Monday. Please send in $2 for Mission Monday on Monday.Enjoy the weekend! Happy Fall!

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