Mrs. Radin's Kindergarten

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The children are learning more and more sight words each week. 
I have been giving them little assessments at the end of the week on the words!  I love seeing all the ways the children are practicing them at home. 
Thank you for the continued cooperation.  
We will be finishing the alphabet/sounds each letter makes this week and moving to blends.  There is usually a nice connection we will see at this point with new words they will cross during reading.  
All of the children are continuing to read, read, read!  Challenging books will be in baggies this week.  It is OK if they do not know all the words. We want them to be using their SUPER READING POWERS to attack these words and remember them!
Literacy Centers and Word Work will be every day! 

We will be completing unit 4 and moving to until 5 this week.
Numbers 11-16 will be focused on.  
What are the different ways we can add to get to a number?
It is important you are using the math mats that were sent home and allowing them to use math manipulatives. 

We are getting ready for CSW in many ways.  Their voices have been heard through the hallways! 
The prek, 1st and 2nd graders have complimented our class...they have listened, learned and love our prayer to Mary. 
Gentle Woman/Hail Mary is a song we started back in September.  They all know it, love it, and have been asked to teach the other grades.  They are very excited to share this beautiful prayer.
We will be talking about how God makes all people good, Baptism and what makes going to St. Raymonds so special.

 Please be sure to ask about what they are learning and what is going on in school.  This group LOVES sharing!


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LABEL JACKETS, HATS, and all items brought to school.
We need glue sticks!