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Spring has arrived!

The children have seriously helped make the long month of March fly right on by.  They have all been screened for the second trimester. 
I am being smothered by growth with these extremely intelligent little beings.  They are all reading above their own personal levels, and as a class....the SCHOOL knows how hard they've worked to get there.  The next stage after learning to read, is learning to love it....and THIS is where is gets hard.  I know the children and what they like to read.  I will be sending home ideas or authors you should explore with your child. They will have a big project coming in April with Author Studies.  (More specific rules to follow)  I would love to take  field trip to the library.  I believe we can walk  there if weather permits,  Please keep your eyes out for additional info.

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We have finally caught up in math, but I am still seeing children count on fingers, write their numbers backwards and not know how to use the ten frame properly.  PLEASE use the 10 frames and counters we sent home.  It will just make it easier as the lessons continue. Measurement and monitoring data will be what we work on April-May. Keep up the good work!

Assignment Books are working better than I ever imagined.  
The skill of being able to copy, record and be responsible for HW is very important.  Sometimes they say "Mommy or Daddy forgot"  and apologize  but that is NO longer accepted.  I explain the HW is yours and not mommy, daddy, nanny, aftercare or anyone's help, but YOU THE STUDENT so you are responsible for getting all papers, books, your backpack and at the front door for the morning.  

We attend church as a class on Wednesday. The days leading into Easter have been interesting. I was skeptic at first, but kept lessons and stories age appropriate.  After many readings and talks...l they understand but they are sad about  how mean they were to Jesus. We have prayed The Stations of the Cross 2x on Fridays with the 1,2,and 3rd grade.  Their words, thoughts and reflections should be recorded.  The innocence and wide eyed disbelief of what happened with their king Jesus Christ is simply breath taking.  

Just a thought.....with all the scary, tragic unfortunate stories we hear in our local communities with chidren making bad choices and some even ending lives .....I must say......A BELIEF IN A BIGGER WORLD, A FAITH, HOPE, JESUS CHRIST himself.  All these major major things that our 5 /6 years old children are able to see, respect, love and want to return slowly diseappear.  When? How? Why? I DONT KNOW....but keeping Jesus in this children's hearts, minds, and bodies is a priority.  It is all they its up to us to allow that feeling of faith to grOW!

I have sent out the PTC times.  If you are arranged to meet any time from 3-5 we must travel over to the auditorium . 
See you Wednesday!

And thank you or the continued help, cooperations and laughs!


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